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Skype aka Skipe is a VOIP product but it also a P2P product. Let me explain..VoIP makes use of your dial-up or broadband link to put together free calls over the internet. The acronym VoIP simply stands for Voice over Internet Protocol and is used to send voice messages over the internet. Skype is built on VOIP as a foundation. A peer-to-peer (or "P2P") computer network takes advantage of various connections between computers in a network and the collective bandwidth of network computers instead of the conventional centralized servers where a comparatively small number of servers offer the lionís share of valuable resource to a service or application.


When you an the person you are contacting both use Skype the call is free. In this scenario, the voice and video calls are free. Skype also has a service for calling anywhere in the US for $29.95 (as of Aug 2,2007). This service is called SkypeOut. One year of unlimited calls to any phone within North America is provided. No charges for connections for calls to US or Canadian ones. Calls made from within the United States and Canada are the only calls applicable to this offering.

Click the Google Pack Button below and install a copy of skype for yourself plus the other 13 software goodies that come with it called Google Pack.  

NOTE: I have been informed that some of the titles are only available for a limited time. Download and install your copy of this internet call software today before some of the software titles expire!

Click here to Download Skipe --> Skype Download with GooglePack

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